Courtney Lambert Jewelry features quality, southern pieces that are designed to be well-loved and handcrafted to last!  An eclectic combination of signature staples and one of a kind designs, all handcrafted with the same care and attention to detail.  We use quality, 14k gold-fill finishes and natural stones to ensure durability and longevity.  Our designs are meant to be well-loved and well-worn.
"From a young age, I've been fascinated by jewelry; I loved going through my Mom & Grandmother's jewelry boxes, examining every detail and of course trying it all on!  I love how a piece of jewelry can completely change an outfit and be the polishing touch.  
In a new season of motherhood, in my late 20's, my style priorities began changing dramatically.  I was craving quality over quantity.  I still wanted to wear something on-trend, but I also wanted it to have a timeless silhouette.  I wanted comfortable statement earrings I could wear all day without having my ears irritated. Gold finishes that wouldn't tarnish after the 3rd wear.  Natural stone necklaces that were also price-attainable.  Pieces that were feminine, and classic!  Out of these passions, Courtney Lambert Jewelry was born."
All pieces are handcrafted by Courtney in Mississippi, where she lives with her husband, son & daughter.